Fungi of South Eastern Australia

This section contains photos, drawings and descriptions of the macro fungi of South Eastern Australia, especially New South Wales. Most of the photos were taken either in Sydney (Lane Cove National Park) or the Upper Allyn (Barrington Tops National Park). To find a particular species, use the search function at the top of this page. We are not professional mycologists - we have named species as best as we are able, but do not guarantee we've got it right. If you see something you think has been misnamed, please contact me.

The galleries are not limited to Australian fungi - many overseas fungi now established in NSW have been included.

These images and high resolution versions of these images are freely available from me - all I require is an attribution.



This section helps you identify some common fungi.

Aphabetical List

An aphabetical list of all the fungi we think we have identified.

Fungi drawings

Drawings by Danja Nieminen of some of the fungi described on this site.

Unknown Fungi

Photographs of fungi we haven't been able to identify.

Public domain illustrations

Fungi illustrations in the public domain.