The Vulger Tongue

BINGO. Brandy or other spirituous liquor. Cant.

Our Daily Bread

East India Fish. Slice 1/2 pound of cooked salmon; then heat 1 ounce of butter in a stew-pan; add 2 small onions chopped fine, 1 ounce of coconut, 2 hard-boiled eggs chopped. Let cook a few minutes, then add 1 pint of milk; let boil up once. Add the fish, 1 teaspoonful of curry paste, 1 teaspoonful of paprika and salt to taste. Let cook a few minutes, then stir in 1 large tablespoonful of boiled rice. Serve very hot with toast.

Private Area


Blueswami's offerings

Gore Hill Cemetery

If ever there was a cemetery of ghosts, this is it. Australians try hard to forget their history. At Gore Hill, they have to large part succeeded.


Landscape and nature photos from south-eastern Australia.

What's Einstein writing?
Using a bit of PHP trickery you can get Einstein to write anything you want. The page includes a complete explanation and code.