The Vulger Tongue

WALKING STATIONER. A hawker of pamphlets, &c.

Our Daily Bread

Hindu Venison. Cook some venison, well seasoned, until tender and slice thin. Peel and slice 2 apples and 1 Spanish onion; season and fry until a light brown. Add 1 cooked carrot sliced thin, some savory herbs, and 1 cup of mutton broth; cover and let cook fifteen minutes. Then mix 1/2ounce of butter with 1/2 tablespoonful of curry-powder and 1tablespoonful of lemon-juice; add to the sauce with the sliced venison; cover and let simmer ten minutes; then add 1 tablespoonful of currant jelly. Let get very hot and serve, garnished with fried croutons and sliced lemon.

Private Area


Blueswami's offerings

Ghanaian movie posters

Ghanaian movie posters, often painted on flour sacks, are often better than the movies they advertise. Often the artists hasn't even seen the film depicted - they just paint what they think ought to be in it.

Wiggle stereoscopy
Wiggle stereoscopy is achieved by simply alternating between the left and right images of a stereogram.

Fitzroy Graffiti

Fitzroy, an inner suburb of Melbourne, Australia has the best graffiti in the world.